Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) Policy Statement

Bruzar Construction (Pty) Ltd is a specialised construction firm with a primary focus on property development, civil construction and other construction activities. In order to achieve customer satisfaction, we engage in strategic partnerships to ensure we measure and improve our services offering to improve return on investment.

Bruzar Construction is committed to integrating Occupational Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) aspects into all spheres of activities thereby identifying and mitigating associated risks and impacts.


Bruzar Construction (Pty) Ltd Principles:

  • Compliance with applicable, relevant legal and other requirements
  • Enhance the safety, health and environment of all stakeholders
  • Ensure the planned objectives and targets are implemented measured and monitored
  • Prevent pollution
  • Practice and promote good corporate governance
  • Prevention of injuries, ill health, incidents and accidents
  • Promote the efficient use of energy and natural resources
  • Promote open dialogue with employees and other interested and affected parties
  •  Continual improvement of all processes and management performance



Bruzar Construction (Pty) Ltd is committed to:

  • Implementing and maintaining national and internationally recognised safety, health, environment and quality management systems such as ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 management systems
  • Identifying and evaluating health, safety, environment and quality risks associated with the activities of our operations
  • Effectively monitor, audit, manage and reduce pollution from all activities under our control
  • Train, educate and develop employees on safety, health, environmental and quality competence and awareness
  • Ensuring every employee is responsible for his/her own safety in line with safe operating procedures provided
  • Periodically review the policy to ensure relevance, compliance with legislation, continual improvement and objectives and targets
  •  Making all persons entering our sites and premises aware of their individual SHEQ obligations